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FAQ : General 


How are languages managed in the Ministries Guide?

The Ministries Guide is available in 4 languages. French, Dutch, German and English. Naturally not all sheets in the Guide are always translated into these four languages.

In order to always have access to the content of the Guide, the existing information is always displayed even if it does not exist in your language of browsing. That is why you can sometimes browse in French and see content displayed in English.

The information taken from another language is always indicated by square brackets, for example: [EN] Prime Minister's Administrative Office.

What do the abbreviations on the site mean? 

There are many offices, agencies, services, associations, administrations, organisations, etc. in the Ministries Guide.

You will regularly find abbreviations between brackets that represent these bodies.

Do not hesitate to consult the lexicon for these abbreviations

What is the MG?

The Ministries Guide is an annual of over 1,200 pages containing thousands of pieces of information regarding the organisation of the public authorities. 

You will find information on the functions and the contact details of the advisers and people who work in the ministries.

  • Over 1,200 pages and 15,000 sheets updated regularly
  • The search engine adapted to traffic offers a comfort in use that allows an increasingly intuitive access to the data.


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